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Cookies Policy

Objective of privacy policy

The Company shall use personal information for the following objectives.

  • Collect customer information to answer customer inquiries and provide information

Privacy and period of holding personal information

Personal information collected for customer inquiries and its holding period is as follows.

  • Recording items: customer information needed to answer customer inquiries and provide information
  • Record-keeping period: three years
  • Justification: personal identification, prevention of illegal/unauthorized use by jay customers, record-keeping for dispute mediation, handling of complaints, forwarding notice, confirmation of intention to delete messages. Information deemed necessary to preserve subject to related laws and regulations and its record-keeping period is as follows.
    1. Information included in critical marketing documents and commercial books: 10 years (Commercial Act)
    2. Information related to transactions and supporting documents: 5 years
      (Basic Act on National Tax, Corporate Income Tax Act)
    3. Record-keeping on label advertisement: 6 months
      (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
    4. Record-keeping on contracts or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
      (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
    5. Record-keeping on payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years
      (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
    6. Record-keeping on consumer complaints or settlement of disputes: 3 years
      (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
    7. When obtaining user consent individually: consent duration
      * Records are physically or logically discard upon expiry of consent duration.

Consignment of personal information

The Company[or team in charge] consigns privacy as follows for smooth privacy policy execution.

  1. A. Customer center
    • Consignee : Metanet M Platform
    • Key roles and responsibilities : customer consulting and claim handling

The Company[or team in charge] specifies in the contract matters related to prohibition of privacy policy other than the objective of performing consignee’s roles and responsibilities, technical and administrative protection measures, restrictions on re-consignment, oversight on consignee, accountability in indemnification in accordance with Article 26 of Personal Information Protection Act upon signing consignment contract. The Company shall also oversee whether or not the consigned party is handling personal information with due safety. Change in consignee’s roles and responsibilities and consignee itself shall be disclosed according to the privacy policy without delay.

Rights・duties of information party and legal attorney and exercise of such rights

  1. Party to information may exercise its rights on accessing ・correcting・deleting personal information and demanding to stop handling it to the Company at any time.
  2. Rights as specified in the foregoing clause may be exercised to the Company in written or via e-mail subject to Clause 1, Article 41 of Enforcement Ordinance of Personal Information Protection Act and the Company shall immediately take measures without delay.
  3. The rights as specified in 1. May be exercised via a legal attorney or the information protection party or an entrusted party in which case letter of attorney as per enclosure no. 11 on “notice on privacy policy(2020-7)” shall be submitted.
  4. Information party’s right to access personal information or demand to stop handling personal information may be restricted subject to Clause 4, Article 35 and Clause 2, Article 37 of Personal Information Protection Act.
  5. Demand or correct or delete personal information shall not be made in case another regulation specifies the particular personal information to be subject to collection.
  6. In case of a demand to access, delete, correct or access upon demanding suspension of privacy policy as a way of exercising right by information party, the Company shall confirm whether or not the demanding party is the owner of the personal information or is the legitimate attorney.

Personnel and team responsible for privacy policy

  1. Team in charge of managing personal information: IT Team
  2. Personnel in charge of managing personal information
  1. Name: Hyunho Kim (CPO)
  2. E-mail:
  3. Contact no.: 02-520-9537

Privacy items

: The Company handles the following privacy items.

  1. Name, contact no., e-mail
  2. LocknLock uses ‘cookie’, which saves information about you and frequently search its. Cookie is a small amount of information the website sends to your computer browser(Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.). When you visit the website, LocknLock computer reads cookie in your browser with which it can provide service without entering additional information about you such as your name. Cookie can identify your computer but not you personally. Also, you do not have the right to choose cookie. You can only accept all cookies in tool>Internet option tab at the top of the web browser, send a notice when cookie is installed or reject all cookies.

    Cookie information

    1. User browser’s agent information
    2. User browser’s size (width, height)
    3. User IP
    4. User’s entry time to page
    5. User’s time of closing access to page

Actions for personal information security

: The Company takes the following actions for personal information security.

  1. Administrative action: establish ・execute internal management plan, provide regular training to employees, etc.
  2. Technical action: manage access authority to personal information processing system, install access control system, encode identification number, install security program
  3. Physical action: restrict access to computer room and other sites that require physical protection

LocknLock strives to protect customers’ privacy.

: LocknLock takes the following actions to ensure all personal information is securely handled and treated with high value.

  1. We encode customers’ personal information
    : Communication interval that handles customers’ personal information is based on encoding communication. All personal information saved is protect with 128bit encoding or more.
  2. We restrict access to personal information
    : We keep internal organization and manpower handling personal information to minimum. Personal information is used only when absolutely necessary and access to the system as well as status of database are monitored real time. Password management and authority to access management in the system handling personal information is subject to repetitive audit and actions as part of LocknLock’s efforts to ensure strictest management of personal information.
  3. We control physical access to personal information system
    : Location of system containing personal information is kept confidential and physical access by operation/maintenance manpower is kept to minimum. Physical access records are documented in accordance with system’s physical access procedures and continuously upgraded through regular internal audit.