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LocknLock's eco-friendly actions for a better world

Resource Recycling 'Love for Our Planet' Campaign

'Love for Our Planet' campaign collects old airtight plastic containers and tumblers with which to make upcycling products(eco bag) and facilities(bench). LocknLock launched the campaign in 2009 and has ever since expanded it to 'Change' campaign.

Eco-friendly Supporters for 'Green Mate' Campaign

'Green Mate' campaign was launched in 2013 to practice LocknLock's eco-friendly business philosophy. Supporters include university students who promote and encourage eco-friendly lifestyles to their peers such as switching from disposables to reusables, etc.

Regular Donations to Beautiful Store

Since 2012, LocknLock has been a regular donor of living goods to the Beautiful Store. Sales proceeds from Beautiful Store have since been dedicated to helping neighbors in need and protecting the environment (LocknLock picnic gardening at Seoul Forest).

Global Eco-friendly Activities

Founded on the values of taking 'responsibility for the natural environment' and placing 'humans at the center of everything,’ global office employees organize 'Global Plogging Day' to protect the local environment, cultivate local talents by supporting educational activities, and share with neighbors in need by hosting bazaars.