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Social responsibilities

LocknLock's eco-friendly actions for a better world

Resource recycling campaign ‘Love for planet’

LocknLock has developed a "Change" campaign that has been underway since 2009 and is conducting a resource recycling campaign to collect and upcycle old plastic food containers with consumers. We are sharing the value of resource circulation with citizens by producing eco-bags that can practice eco-friendly life with collected food containers and installing public benches.

Eco-friendly supporters ‘Green Mate’

Green Mate is a university student supporters founded in 2013 to practice the eco-friendly management ideology of LocknLock with their 20s. It informs and encourages eco-friendly activities that can be easily practiced in daily life, such as the use of multi-use products. It has spread the "zero-waist" culture online & offline and has established itself as a "representative eco-friendly supporter of university students in Korea."

Regular donation of goods to Beautiful Store for recycling of resources

LocknLock has regularly donated goods to beautiful stores since 2012. So far, about 640,000 various kitchen and household items have been donated. Proceeds from the sale are donating to public interest projects for the underprivileged and the environment and representatively, and have been created in Seoul Forest.

Bringing ‘courage’ of hope to the local community

LocknLock is conducting sharing activities in the community based on the identity of the business. In the hot summer season, we deliver "cool beveragewares" with cool drinks in tumblers for medical staff suffering from COVID-19 and "warm food containers" with hearty meal to undernourished children in cold winter.

Eco-friendly practice of global executives and employees

LocknLock is working together with global executives and employees to practice "responsibility for the natural environment." Every year, "Global Flogging Day" is held in which domestic and foreign corporations participate, and the environment is purified at beaches and parks. In addition, we are conducting with executives and employees around the world to create an in-house culture that practices eco-friendliness.

Global Goods Sharing Activities

LocknLock continues to share local communities in overseas countries. Since 2005, shortly after entering China, we have been trying to support future generations by donating the amount sold on Chinese Children's Day to build computer classes, and we are quickly sponsoring goods in disaster-stricken areas such as floods to help return to daily life. Since 2008, we have been conducting donation activities using our products in child-caring facilities and orphanages in Vietnam. In particular, in 2020, we tried to overcome the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 by conducting large-scale CSR activities such as supporting the poor in connection with the Vietnamese Red Cross.