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Knives and chopping boards sanitizer sanitizes surface of your knives and chopping boards so you can cook your food more hygienically

Product information

  • 01

    99.9% dual sanitization system with UV-C LED and heating fan

    Sanitizing once with the safe 12 UV LEDs that is free of mercury, and twice with heating fan that reaches up to 60℃.

  • 02

    Keep your knives and boards hygienic with heating fan and water tray!

    The internal heating fan quickly dries water, and the water tray collects residual water and other residues to ensure hygiene.

  • 03

    Anti-bacterial chopping boards against cross contamination with TPU material

    Index chopping boards can be used separately for meat, fish and vegetables to ensure hygienic cooking without cross-contamination between food ingredients.

  • 04

    Sanitizing other goods all at once!

    Sanitizing other goods like scissors, multi trays, kitchen tools, dishes, loofah, and wood or plastic chopping boards.

  • 05

    Dry your dishcloth in the back of the sanitizer

    Dry your wet dishcloth with hot air by hanging it in the back of the sanitizer


  • Dual sterilization system
  • TPI anti-bacterial chopping boards
  • Hot air at the back
  • Hygienic drying