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The handy toothbrush sanitizer that keeps your oral condition healthy anywhere and anytime with the UV-C LED lamp that kills 99.9% bacteria on your toothbrush in just three minutes

Product information

  • 01

    Super small, light and simple design

    Half size of a normal business card, and super lightweight with 27g (45g for two) makes it perfect to carry it anywhere and anytime.

  • 02

    Award winning design

    Winner of reddot award 2020 which is designed to fit anywhere

  • 03

    Powerful sanitization in just three minutes with UV-C LED lamp

    UV-C is short ultraviolet light in the range of 200~280nm. It is a healthy light that destroys DNA and sanitizes 99.9% of various bacteria and germs.

  • 04

    Attach on wall with magnet!

    Magnet inserted at the back of the toothbrush sanitizer lets it attach on flat iron-based wall. Spare magnet attached in a box can also be used to attach the sanitizer anywhere. ※ Toothbrush sanitizer for two has a detachable holder at the back to stick it on any surface

  • 05

    Simple charging without battery replacement

    USB 5-pin cable allows battery charges without battery replacement. Guaranteed for lasting a month by single charge . Only takes two hours to be fully charged (based on using two times a day)


  • Sanitizing Bacteria
  • UV-LED
  • USB(5-pin) Charging