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Greater portability with slim design in a variety of trendy colors

Product information

  • 01

    Fits in your hand nicely with a slim body

    6cm diameter, which is 0.5cm slimmer than a 500ml soft drink can, fits right in your hand.

  • 02

    Premium stainless 316

    Stainless 316 in the interior, is the stronger in corrosion than 304, and it adds better safety and cleanliness.

  • 03

    Sealable one touch type

    Dual safety lock ensures resistance to leak while when “on the go” while the one-touch cap adds to convenience.

  • 04

    Good manners with silent stopper and clean use with detachable cap

    Silicone silent stopper reduces noise with added stability while detachable silicone packing including the cap ensures clean washing.

  • 05

    Variety of trendy colors

    Find your style with trendy pastel tones in ivory, violet, blue and green.


  • Slim body for easy grab
  • Hygienic stainless 316
  • Detachable cap
  • Double locking against to prevent leakage
Body Stainless steel 304 (exterior bottle), Stainless 316(interior bottle)
Packing Rubber (silicon rubber)