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Not only for organizing the fridge, but also adding a touch of style LocknLock Bisfree Modular Plus

Product information

  • 01

    The essence of a tidy refrigerator organization Smart Modular System.

    Just like building a large toy castle by stacking small blocks, it turns into a module, allowing you to organize things neatly, regardless of size.

  • 02

    Sturdier for longer with improved wing lid!

    Reinforced folding parts of the lid wings ensure longer use without breakage

  • 03

    Straight-winged lids for maximizing space efficiency!

    Effortlessly organize your space with lids that drop straight down, leaving no gaps for an efficient arrangement.

  • 04

    Modern and stylish cap colors Make your kitchen more special!

    Subtle mid-blue and refreshing mint blue. Try making your kitchen fresher with these two colors!

  • 05

    Safely and cleanly use with high-grade Tritan material

    High-grade Tritan, resistant to any heat including dishwasher and microwave


  • 6mm Steady 6mm Cap – No Shaking
  • Powerful airtight technology
  • Smart Modular System
Cap PP, Silicone Rubbler
Body PCT