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Eating Alone

Lounge 2021. 06. 23

Healthy diet and nutrition is more important if you are living alone. Here are three ‘it items’ that help you take good care of your health.

Macaron Mini Rice Cooker for One-Person Household Are you longing for warm, well-cooked rice? The small-sized Macaron Mini Rice Cooker is the practical choice for your small kitchen.

Homemade Rice Ready for You Do you want to have warm, well-cooked rice? Put home-cooked rice into the ‘Barohanggi rice container’ for one-person serving and freezing. It comes in different sizes to suit your intake. To heat your rice, all you need to do is place the container and its edible contents inside the microwave and de-freeze. Take care of your health and enjoy the taste!!

Just for You: The Convenience of the Microwave Lock Microwave is a must-have item for everyone! To heat your meal, all you need to do is just microwave the Microwave Lock. You can check your meal/inside contents by looking through the see-through lid. The convenience of the Microwave Lock!