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LocknLock caters to wide range of home-cooked meals

Product 2022. 07. 04

The trend of having healthy home-cooked meals has driven household goods companies to expand their business into the small home appliances sector.

LocknLock, the global food container maker, has introduced Steam Fryer S2, which offers five cooking options -- steam oven, air fryer, grill, toaster and steamer.

In particular, its super steam mode cooks food at 130 degrees Celcius and forces superheated steam deep inside ingredients. Since the cooker heats ingredients fast, it draws out fat and salt out of meat while preserving nutrients including vitamin C and polyphenol in vegetables.

In the two multi-modes, which steam and grill food at the same time or steam first and grill later, users can enjoy meals that are crispy on the surface and soft inside.

Also, the cooker offers auto-cooking service for around 50 different items such as rice, rice cake, yogurt, steamed beef or fish and parboiled vegetables.

Using IoT-based LL Labs app, users can change the settings of the cooker to cook over 130 chef-developed recipes. By scanning the barcodes of some 40 kinds of ready-made meals, the cooker automatically sets up the cooking mode that works the best as well.

Users can keep the cooker clean with steam wash, odor removal, fast dry mode and descaling mode, which gets rid of sediments within steam heater.

LocknLock said it will apply IoT technology to the upcoming selections of small home appliances as well.

Small home appliances are one of the company’s four key growth drivers, in addition to food containers, beverage ware and cookware. The company aims to offer user-friendly and aesthetic household products.