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“Special spring beings on our dining table” with LocknLock’s limited edition

Product 2021. 03. 02

-2021 special spring edition opens for pre-reservation sales to 100 consumers in NAVER smart store until Mar. 7th plus free Kukka flower bouquet

-Set of two pots and 1 fry pan in spring blossom pink, forest green and cream ivory color

The global living goods company LocknLock Co. (RD Sunghoon Kim) is opening pre-reservation sales for the 2021 spring limited edition ‘Decore IH blossom edition’ from Mar. 2nd to Mar. 7th ahead of its official launch.


LocknLock ‘Decore IH blossom edition’ is the spring special edition of the popular cookware ‘Decore IH series’. LocknLock will official launch the special edition on Mar. 8th with limited 2,000 sets on sale. It will be up for sales at NAVER official smart store to 100 first come first served and those who made reservation for sales in advance will get Kukka flower bouquet worth 27,000 Won as a gift.


As the product name ‘Decore IH blossom edition’ represents, the new product uses the full-blossom tulip as the motif and is designed in bright and fresh spring colors of ‘blossom pink’ reminiscent of the fresh flower scent, ‘forest green’ that exudes full spring spirits and ‘cream ivory’ reflecting warm and bright spring sunlight. The limited edition comes in two pots(18cm single handle, 20 cm double handle) and one fry pan (22cm petite wok) popularly used in kitchens.


LocknLock also prepared various promotions to celebrate its launch on top of the pre-reservation. On the official launching date, it will open live broadcast in NAVER smart store and give away Cream Carbo Spicy Fried Chicken Noodle(4 in a set) from Samyang Food to 100 shoppers, give 1,000 points to all buyers who upload a photo or video review in the smart store and award additional 10,000 points to 20 best reviewers. LocknLock will also hold photo event in Instagram from Mar. 9th to Apr. 4th.


Director of LocknLock CW Kyungwoo Ryu said the limited edition is designed to help consumers feel the spring spirits on their dining table especially now that COVID-19 is restricting people from moving around. “It is a good gift choice for wedding and housewarming party and it is also a good combination with the existing Decore IH series.” said Ryu. It will also be up for sales in online LocknLock Mall and NAVER smart store following its official launch.


Meanwhile, LocknLock ‘Decore IH series’ is a design cookware in round curved design and vintage colors reminding of the retro spirits. Launched in Aug. 2020, its 10 item series including pots and wok is appealing to the hip MZ generation all the way up to housewives in their 40s and 50s.


The limited edition also presents outstanding functionality and convenience. Pots and fry pans are applied with optimized coating depending on use and they are compatible with gas range, induction and highlighter. Its heat efficiency is 40% higher than other existing ones in induction thanks to LocknLock’s special processing and the long and wide handle is free of burn risk thanks to 105° safe angle that minimizes heat conductivity. It is free of PFOA and PFOS.