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Healthier More convenient Lifestyle creator
  • Since 1978

    43 years since foundation

  • 120

    To consumers in 120 countries around the world


    With innovative lifestyle items

  • For a
    better world.

    We create a better world

Brand story

We make products that connect people's lives with lively energy and positive emotions. This helps us innovate people's living (platform) for a healthier and a more convenient lifestyle.

LocknLock's transformation and innovation with global consumers

History of LocknLock's transformation and innovation for the lifestyle brand expanded beyond airtight containers since its foundation in 1978.

Creator of lifestyle innovation with people-centered design thinking

Consumers are at the heart of everything that LocknLock does. We look into the future based on our observation of consumers' changing lifestyles and insights gained from it. We lead the current trend with design and technology.

LocknLock's Mind

Collaborating to make the most out of our expertise and competency, believing in each other and acting for the good of the society are our top priority values.

We drive resource circulation based on our respect for the environment and the people.

We engage in efforts to create a better world and contribute to consumers' lives via resource circulation campaign 'Love for Our Planet', etc. as the brand that cares for the environment and the people.