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Establishing and operating toxic chemicals management systems by product

Putting customer safety first, Locknlock has played a leading role in removing toxic chemicals. We have inspected all our products to check their substances, subject to management from the raw material procurement stage. In 2009, we coined the term, ‘Bisfree for the first time with the development and launch of BPA (bisphenol A)-free airtight containers. And then, we applied PFOA-free coating method to all Teflon-coated cooking utensils in 2020 and PFOS-free coating in 2015. We have expanded the scope of our business portfolio from four-sided airtight locking system container into beverageware, cookware, and small appliances, which has resulted in the steady increase in non-plastic product sales.

Managing all chemical substances contained in raw materials or product parts

In 2019, we launched the company-level control tower in charge of environmental safety affairs, and in accordance with its guidelines, we handle chemical substances in a safe and proper manner. In detail, we place the register of hazardous materials and MSDS on the shop floor. And we have obtained RoHS certifications for electric and electronic appliances manufactured by Locknlock and Lockeroom while registering food container testing results on the bulletin board of our groupware so that we can comprehensively manage them.
Formulating a set of management standards based on the list of chemicals released by various regulatory authorities

We deliver sustainable value through responsible management.

LocknLock is committed to creating a culture where human rights and diversity are respected while focusing on achieving the shared growth with suppliers. Regarding our suppliers as key business partners, we have established the Code of Conduct for Suppliers in 2022 with the aim of forging an ecosystem for mutual growth as well as managing the supply chain in a transparent manner. The Code of Conduct stipulates what our product and service suppliers have to follow. It is mandatory for our suppliers to create a safe work environment, respect their workers’ human rights, protect the environment and deliver ethical management.

All provisions specified in the Code of Conduct are important on an equal basis, and our suppliers should comply with the laws and regulations. LocknLock provides the checklist for suppliers’ self-evaluation to allow them to understand their ESG level. Going forward, we will diagnose their ESG status and reflect the results when selecting suppliers.

Corporate culture of the respect for human rights and diversity

Pursuit of the shared growth and co-prosperity with suppliers

Monitoring of the standards for human rights and labor management within our value chain

Monitoring of the standards for human rights and labor management within our value chain

ESG Management Process for Suppliers

Social responsibilities

LocknLock works on a variety of social value programs centered around preservation of environment and better quality of life for all generations.