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Company Culture

For the benefit of consumers around the world

How to work smart and well

  1. 1st

    Respect each other no matter grade/gender/background/nationality.

  2. 2nd

    Share the same goals even though we have different roles.

  3. 3rd

    Think about ways to find solutions rather than say ‘this doesn’t work.’

  4. 4th

    Respect ‘differences’ rather than say ‘it’s wrong.’

  5. 5th

    Freely share thoughts and listen with an open mind.

People at Heart

We drive innovation with products and services that create a better world.

Everyday, we ask questions and observe. How can we make this world a better place? At LocknLock, even the smallest ideas are shared and evolved into amazing ideas. We drive changes in our daily lives and imagine ourselves creating a better lifestyle for everyone. This is what moves us to lead innovation.

How to work smart and well

This is “Quite Good”! We share smart ideas and thoughts with each other and create a work
culture that is fun and rewarding. This is how we created ‘how to work smart and well’, which is
our ground working rules at LocknLock.

When you need to work smart and well

When do you need to work smart and well? Let’s take a look at the episodes by our employees
who know the five ways to work smart and well at office.

For me,
[] means working smart and well.

Let’s share our employees’ thoughts on what it means to work smart and well.
Let’s hear from them!