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Airtight and transparent food container with a modular design. With a 6mm-high sill on the edge of the lid, you can stack the containers in a stable way

Product information

  • 01

    One by one on shelf and fridge! Smart modular design airtight container with 6mm-high sill on the edge of the lid

    Block-type container design that stacks the containers in a stable way and organize them more easily

  • 02

    BPA free, bisfree, 99% anti-bacterial silicone packing on the lid and the body

    LocknLock’s four-side locking lid not only delivers absolute airtight quality but also prevents crawling bacteria with anti-bacterial silicone packing.

  • 03

    Award winning design from world-famous design awards

    Winner of Germany’s IF Design Award, German Design Award and US IDEA Design Award

  • 04

    Modern and simple table setting

    Stripe pattern, modern brown lid and simple storage body make them readily available for sophisticated table setting.


  • Bisphenol A free
  • Airtight
  • Anti-bacterial silicone packing
  • Modular system
  • Microwave Safe
Body tritan
lid polypropylene
lid packing rubber (silicone rubber)