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Premium cast iron pot nicely designed in the stylish European style and perfected to suit Korean recipes.

Product information

  • 01

    Whole cast iron premium cookware with self basting system

    Whole cast iron keeps ingredients from overflowing and collects moisture to make low-moisture cooking easy.

  • 02

    Eco-friendly ART EGIS coating

    Eco-friendly ART EGIS ceramic coating makes washing easy without stripping off the bottom coating, which delivers a pleasant cooking experience.

  • 03

    Solid durability with HardLock Technology

    Hardlock Technology that hardens surface of the pot ensures long-lasting use without corrosion or deformation.

  • 04

    Winner of two design awards! Elegant design recognized from around the world

    Salon Cookware series that won two world-class design awards is made with safety in mind to make sure a safe cooking experience.

  • 05

    High versatility

    IH technology makes them versatile across all heat sources including induction.


  • Gas stove
  • Electric range
  • Highlighter
  • Induction
Pot Body aluminum (interior: ceramic coating), stainless steel
Pot Lid aluminum (interior: ceramic coating), stainless steel
Frying Pan Body aluminum (interior: fluorine carbon resin coating), stainless steel
Frying Pan Handle bakelite Rubber (silicon)