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Cook and bring to the table
Multi-handle for easy cooking
Suit IH Multi-handle

Product information

  • 01

    Detachable multihandle

    Detachable multi-handle for up to 10 kg of
    load Triple safety device inside the handle!

  • 02

    From induction to the table

    cooking with multi-handle,
    it can be immediately served at the
    table easy cooking and great plating automatically complete

  • 03

    Series of 3 sizes

    3 different sizes for variety of dishes
    From noodles to pasta and stir fried dishes
    Detachable handles with delicate design, convenient for users

  • 04

    Layered storagesave more space for your kitchen

    The detached handle fits into an 18 cm pot.

  • 05


    The transparent glass lid makes it easy
    to observe during the cooking process
    The Edge of the cap is made of silicone,
    with a degree of good adhesion and scratch resistance on impact


  • Handleseparation Multi-handle
  • Fullinductionbottom
  • Extremeforcecoatingwith 5layerstructure
  • Stackable Storage
Body Inner :ExtremeForce Coating/Exterior:CeramicCoating
Lid Heat-resistantglass,silicon
Handle Bakelite