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[Interview] What Brings Chefs to LocknLock?

Lounge 2021. 06. 23

What brings chefs to LocknLock? Let’s check them out!

Q. What is your role at LocknLock?

Aeri: I develop various recipes with seasonal ingredients and frozen food items using LocknLock products. I try to find ways to make them more consumer-friendly and share them with Development Team to make sure issues are all cleared before they hit the market.

Q. Which items do you use most frequently?

Haein: I am most frequently using the Steam Air Fryer to develop new recipes, and I started using Decore cookware to develop recipes for easy-to-cook European menus. Knife and Cutting Board Sanitizing Block, Good Care Stainless Kitchen Tool Set and Slim Condiments Container are also my favorites.

Q. What are you goals?

Haein: First and foremost is developing easy recipes for people to try out. It would be really good to see people trying and enjoying them and sharing their experiences.
Aeri: I want to make LocknLock products world-famous to the point they’re instantly reminded of LocknLock when talking about kitchen goods. I hope to see our products all around the world!