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Laksa Noodle

Lounge 2023. 05. 16

Delicate ingredients: 

8 shallots 

4 white onions 

8 curly chilies

1cm ginger

2cm turmeric

2cm galangal

1 tsp shrimp paste 

1 tbsp ebi 

1 stem lemongrass 

1 tsp coriander 

shrimp stock:

250g chicken breast 

500g shrimp

700ml water 

instant coconut milk: 300ml 

300g yellow noodles 

5 pieces of brown tofu 

100g bean sprouts 

10 pieces fish bowl 

1 lime 

1/2 tsp salt 

1/2 tsp sugar


How to make: 

1. Boil noodles and bean sprouts.

2. Stir fry in hot oil until fragrant.

3. Pour shrimp stock, coconut milk, to the sauteed spices. Cook until boiling while stirring so that the coconut milk does not break. 

4. Add tofu, fish ball, shrimp and chicken. Then add salt and sugar. Cook until it changes color.

5. Add the yellow noodles, pour in the sauce and filling. Serve immediately in the Locknlock Suit IH Casserole Pan with lime and tomato.