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Meatball Soup

Lounge 2023. 05. 25

Meat ball ingredients (25pcs):

500gr ground beef 

70gr tapioca flour

1tsp pepper 

2tsp mushroom broth 

Soup ingredients:

1500ml water 

2tbsp chicken stock 

1pcs sliced carrot 

1/2tsp salt 

1tsp mushroom broth

1/2tsp pepper

1pcs green onion

2tbsp fried garlic

How to make: 

1. Add ground beef, mushroom broth, pepper, tapioca flour and stir until the dough comes together. Then round it like meatballs 

2. Boil the meat ball dough until cooked.

3. Bring water to a boil, then add meat balls, carrots until they change color.

4. Pour salt, pepper, mushroom stock, spring onion and fried onion. Stir briefly until fragrant. 

5. The food is ready to be served directly in the Locknlock Suit IH Sauce Pan.