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Encouraging the Public to Care for the Environment, LocknLock and Trash Hero Hold "Plogging Day"

CSR 2022. 11. 27

LocknLock Indonesia in collaboration with Trash Hero Jakarta held a Plogging Day program, in mid-November (13/11). Plogging Day is part of LocknLock's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Care for the Environment program which aims to build awareness and invite the public to be more concerned and protect the surrounding environment from waste, especially single-use plastic waste.

Plogging Day, which started from the Banteng Field assembly point in Central Jakarta, was attended by LocknLock employees, Trash Hero, and 81 volunteers. They enthusiastically cared for the environment by cleaning the area around Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta.

Plogging is a combination of words taken from the English pick (pick up) and jogging (walking or running activity), so plogging is a walking or running activity while picking up trash in the surrounding environment.

According to LocknLock Indonesia President Director Kim II Hyeon, this Plogging Day not only makes the body healthy and fit because of exercise, but the surrounding environment also becomes clean from garbage.

"LocknLock will continue to be active in environmental awareness activities and campaign activities to reduce the use of disposable plastic waste for a better future. We will also work with brands and communities that support environmental action and the reduction of single-use plastic waste," he said.

From this Plogging Day activity around the Banteng field area, 314 plastic straws, 13 disposable masks, 1,114 cigarette butts, and 120 bottle caps were collected. The total waste collected reached 47.9 kg.