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Prevent Stunting with Nayz, Nayz Invites Mom Influencers to Spread Kindness and Prevent Stunting

Company 2023. 01. 06

Cegah Stunting pada Anak, Nayz Lakukan Ini Bersama Momfluencer

Malnutrition over a long period of time from the fetus in the womb to the first 1000 days of a child's life or 2 years of age is the main cause. This is certainly due to low access to nutritious food, low intake of vitamins and minerals, and poor food diversity and animal protein sources.

Departing from this reality, Nayz moves with the 30 Minute Mommy Cook Campaign which consistently wants to help mothers to have access to nutritious complementary foods with the best quality. Through the best local food products, Nayz delivers goodness to all corners of the country with halal, healthy, and nutritionally balanced food products.

As a serious concern of Nayz to prevent stunting, Nayz Brand Marketing Manager, Anis explained the material that 24.4% of children in Indonesia are affected by stunting according to the results of the 2021 Indonesian Nutrition Status Study (SGI) in the Nayz Mom Award 2022 series of events.

"This time what is very special is that Nayz invites Momfluencers to spread kindness in eradicating stunting with one of the well-known cookware brands LocknLock Indonesia," said Anis.

Engaging momfluencers is certainly based on their considerable and significant influence in helping mothers to support each other and share knowledge, especially the knowledge of good complementary food nutrition for child growth and development. Momfluencers are also known as the best and honest reviews that really help recommend the best products for the baby.

"Since December 2022, Nayz has opened opportunities for momfluencers to join through the Nayz Fluencer program which was specifically developed to connect mothers in Indonesia who need the best complementary food recommendations for their children," she said.

Entering the beginning of 2023, Nayz not only opens the opportunity to become a Nayzfluencer, but also opens opportunities for influencers who also want to become Nayz Affiliators on various official Nayz e-commerce platforms.

The Affiliate Program can be followed by NayzFluencers and other Moms who want to earn extra income easily, flexi-time, and just use their mobile phones. In addition, there is a NayzFluencer Group to build deeper relationships with Nayz Mom across Indonesia.

The benefits of being a NayzFluencer are also interesting, starting from free Nayz products, being a priority if Nayz holds activities such as webinars with experts in their fields, and being the first to try and notify followers if Nayz will launch new products, and making Moms productive every day.

With the benefits and additional income from the Nayz Affiliate program, are you interested? Moms can register and become part of the Nayz family. It's a Nayz Life!