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2023 Korea First Brand Grand Prize, 1st place in kitchenware category

Company 2023. 03. 03

LocknLock, 2023 Korea First Brand Grand Prize, 1st place in kitchenware category

- Ranked No. 1 in the Kitchenware (Cookware) category by recording scores that exceeded expectations

- Excellent product quality, diverse lineup, and sophisticated design strengths.

-Efforts to expand the customer experience

LocknLock Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jae-ho), a global household goods company, was selected as the No. 1 in the kitchenware category at the 2023 Korea First Brand Grand Prize.

The Korea First Brand Grand Prize, hosted by the Korea Consumer Forum, is an awards ceremony that selects promising brands in each field through consumer research. Since its establishment in 2003, this year marks its 21st anniversary. The survey was conducted for about two weeks from October 31st to November 13th, and more than 410,000 consumers participated in selecting excellent brands based on expectations for the sector and satisfaction with the brand.

LocknLock took first place in the category of kitchenware (cookware). In particular, it recorded a final score that exceeded expectations in the category, proving its solid position as a cookware brand and customer satisfaction.

LocknLock Cookware, which entered the cookware market in 1998 and celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, is evaluated for its excellent product quality such as safe materials, coating and durability, various product lineups based on consumer needs, and sophisticated design.

LocknLock has its factory in Vietnam, a global production base, to produce high-quality products that consumers can use safely and conducts 100% total inspection and rigorous quality tests in 15 stages at each production stage. In addition, by applying HardLock, a core technology of LocknLock Cookware, it is concentrating its capabilities on producing products that can be used for a long time by strengthening coating durability.

Suit IH, interior cookware optimized for induction, Decor IH with a sense of color that brightens the dining table, Salon, prestige luxury cookware made of 7-ply stainless steel, Gardenia, colored stainless steel cookware with an elegant flower motif design ', premium cast cookware Wave IH, etc., through years of research and development efforts, it is introducing a variety of product lineups that reflect changes in kitchen trends and improvements in consumer convenience. Through material diversification, preferred products can be selected according to furniture type and age group, and it was evaluated that consumer usability was improved by devising products optimized for induction use.

LocknLock continues to win domestic and international design competitions as well as consumers' choices by introducing sensuous (kitchen + interior) cookware products. Suit IH won the Red Dot Award 2022, and in addition, Wave IH, Soma IH, and One Cook products received awards at domestic and international design awards.

Meanwhile, in 2022, cooking classes were held in cooperation with various companies so that customers’ could directly experience the product's features and brand value.

Lee Jae-ho, CEO of LocknLock, said, “This award is more meaningful in that it was chosen by consumers themselves. We will continue our efforts as a cookware brand that brings value and pleasure to customers lives based on strict verification and product perfection," he said.