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Campaign for Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle, LocknLock Indonesia Invited Students to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste on "Campus Tumbler Day"

CSR 2023. 11. 15

LocknLock Indonesia, a global brand that produces household supplies such as food containers, tumblers, and innovative cooking tools, invited students to reduce single-use plastic bottle waste and switch to #BawaTumblerSendiri. The campaign was conducted in a series of events Campus Tumbler Day on November 08, 2023 at Pancasila University. On this event, LocknLock collaborated with Cicera (Cipta Ceria Alam) Pancasila University as an environmentalist student organization.

Campus Tumbler Day has activities such as a talk show "Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle by Bringing Your Own Tumbler" and plogging day. The education and invitation to maintain environmental cleanliness is supposed to motivate students to keep the campus area was clean. Students who participated on this event also received a LocknLock water bottle that can be used in daily activities as a first step to start an environmentally friendly lifestyle.