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Ethical Management

Ethics Supervision

Our Ethics Supervision System

LocknLock annually conducts ethical audits through internal accounting management and internal reporting system. The Audit Committee, comprised entirely of outside directors, plays a role as an ethical management supervisory body, reviewing the results of the operation of the internal accounting management system and internal reporting system.

Ethics Supervision Duties of the Audit Committee

  • Supervising the internal accounting management system
  • Supervising the internal audit department
  • Supervising external auditors
  • Supervising the anti-corruption programs

LocknLock Anti-corruption Programs

1Internal Accounting Management System
Reviewing the audit plan for the internal accounting management system and its operation status, conducted annually by external auditors followed by reporting them to the BOD
2Internal Reporting System (Operation of Hot Line)
If an investigation is required on the report, the Ethical Management Team reports it to the Audit Committee

Operational Regulations of the internal accounting management (PDF)

3Mandatory Submission of the Pledge to Practice the Code of Ethics and Provision of Ethics Education
Monitoring and evaluating the appropriateness of internal control-related education plans for employees and proposing recommendations for improvement to the BOD if necessary